Chad Brinlee

Chad is an accomplished horseman with years of riding and  training experience. He was very fortunate to have always had horses in his life growing up.  Dedicated to serving the community as a Police Officer for 18 years, Chad’s passion for horses led him to his Department’s Mounted Unit.  Chad was a full time Mounted Police Officer for several years and patrolled busy urban areas, parks, and special events constantly encountering and overcoming difficult obstacles and situations.  Chad was also the trainer for his Unit and was responsible for the selection and training of new Police Horses and the other members of the unit.  In 1998, Chad obtained his Basic Instructor License and in May of 2002, his Master Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law  Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. February 2010, Chad attended the extensive Dallas Police Mounted School in Dallas, Texas. In February 2011, attended the exclusive Mounted Police Seminar in Ottawa, Ontario Canada instructed by the Senior Equitation Instructors of the world famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Currently, Chad is dedicating his life to helping others with their horses.  He offers clinics, private lessons, group lessons, demonstrations and also personally trains horses for the public.  With his years of  riding, training  and experience, Chad can provide you with a comfortable  and  relaxed training environment where you and your horse are sure to excel.




Judith Stillson

Judith was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, where at age 11 discovered her passion for horses.  In her teenage years, she got the chance to work at a pony barn and start several ponies.  She quickly became interested in Reining and at only 17 she started training reiners full time. For the next 4 years she got a chance to work for and learn from some very established horse trainers in Germany. Hungry for more she came to Texas where she spent a couple more years learning from great horsemen.  Always having a passion for the young ones, she decided to specialize in the two year old year of the Reining Futurity prospects. For the past nine years she has been training two year olds and is very well known for her program.   Her program is about building a strong foundation, developing confidence as well as athletic skills in the horse, to bring out their very best.  She now resides in Collinsville, Texas with her husband Travis.

Chad and Judith recently developed a 6 day clinic series “The Confident Performance Horse” This series focuses primarily on the competition horse.  How to effectively communicate and keep your horses attention focused on his job.