How to Choose Best Substrate for Leopard Geckos?

The leopard gecko is the lizard that is attractive, and this is known as the leopard gecko because it has the leopard kind print on it. The Leopard geckos can be the most exceptional choice if you are willing to get the pet lizard as they are friendly and family pets. But for taking take care of them in the most exquisite way, you need to get the best substrate for leopard gecko so that they will stay healthy.

How to Choose Best Substrate for Leopard Geckos?

Now you must be wondering what substrate is? So here, we are with the answer to your question that the substrate is the material that will be placed at the bottom of the tank. This material will enable your pet

lizard to walk on it freely, they can even lay on it, and it will catch the waste produced by them easily.

Due to such reasons, you need to get the best substrate for leopard gecko as it will enable them to stay in tidy and clean surroundings. Though it will also help the owners to get it clean conveniently. The leopard geckos do not ask for regular maintenance, but you need to get the most excellent substrate for them. As this will be helpful for them, whereas you don’t need to change it that often.

The right substrate will enable the owner of the lizard to reduce the Maintainance cost, and it will serve them with ease while replacing it. You might be thinking that which one will be the most elegant substrate for the leopard geckos? So here we are to help you out, at the following points we have described some of them.

Substrate options – choose the finest one for your leopard geckos!

  1. Reptile carpet:

The reptile carpet is one of the most known substrates as people prefer getting it over any other. They found it easy to use, and it is safe and attractive for the leopard gecko tank. The reptile carpets are soft enough so that the lizards will not get irritated. Whereas the opposite of it is stiff and absorbent that makes them more preferable.

The best part about this carpet is it the most exceptional choice for the substrate as you can remove, wash, and clean it easily. Rare people know that they need to clean that carpet often to maintain the better hygiene of your pet and iron it (According to the packaging) so that the lizard’s toe will not get stuck in it.

  1. Paper towels:

Similar with the reptile carpet, the paper towel is also the favorite one of the leopard gecko owners; there can be en number of reasons that we can predict. But the fact is the paper towel is the more attractive substrate, as they make things easy to the owners.

They will enable them to see where the waste is present so that they can replace it accordingly. Only fewer people know that the paper towels are soft enough for the lizard, and they can walk on it easily. One of the most significant benefits of opting for it is they do not pose a risk regarding the impaction or ingestion.

  1. Newspaper:

Here we are with the easily available option that is the newspaper, and it is less attractive than the previously mentioned things, but it is affordable. The newspapers are also being prioritized by en number of leopard geckos owners. Hence it is being used to take the proper and gentle care of baby geckos.

The owners can consider replacing it on a regular basis, but it is completely optional. You should prefer replacing it often as it reduces the risk of bacterial growth or the risk of infection. Though they cannot be ingested, but they are safer than sand. The owners of the pet should consider changing when it gets wet.

  1. Prepackaged bedding:

How to Choose Best Substrate for Leopard Geckos?

When it comes to the prepackaged bedding, there is a bulk of option available; this will be the most elegant choice to go for as it will let the geckos feels more like their natural habitat. The prepackaged bedding is having the crushed/shredded shells, coconut, etc.

But the issue with this substrate is it is having sand in it that can affect your pet lizard in a negative manner. This will be easy for the leopard geckos to ingest small pieces in the substrate that will cause the impaction.

  1. Tile flooring:

The tile flooring is the nice choice that can be made for serving your pet leopard gecko with ease, as the tile flooring retains the heat finely, and it is easy to clean. Maintaining it is easy enough as you don’t need to do the frequent maintenance, the tiles are made of slate or ceramics. Which is not smooth enough so that your pet will walk on it easily.

Moreover, the tiles do not need to replace unless they are break, which means it is the long lasting substrate that is cost-effective as well. If you spot the dust or the waste produced by your pet lizard, you can easily while making the least efforts.

  1. Shelf liner:

Shelf liner is commonly used in the kitchens and the bathrooms as well, they are the finest alternative to for in search of the substrate of the leopard geckos. The shelf liner is easy to clean, and it is cost-effective as well.

The one thing that you need to know about the shelf liner is it is non-adhesive regarding the easy cleaning part and removal as well. It is proficient enough to prevent the tank from bugs getting trapped easily beneath the substrate.

The final verdict

Now we are here with the conclusion that you need to get the best substrate for leopard gecko for serving them with better hygiene. Preferably go for the ones who have been asking for the least maintenance, and they are cost-effective as well. Considering these things will enable your pet leopard gecko to sustain superior health conditions along with comfortable surroundings.